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Result Type

Result Type : Explan Partial View Result in ASP.NET MVC

Result Type : A partial view is a reusable portion of a web page.ASP.NET provides a facility to create such reusable portion of code, that can be shared inside the same web application. These sharable views are known as partial views.It can be used in one or more Parent Views or Layout Views. You can use the same...

Result Type

Result Type : What is the Action Result in ASP.NET MVC?

Result Type : Action Result is the return type of an action method. The action result is an abstract class, with one constructor and one method. It is the base class for all types that an action method returnsThe constructor is basically used to initializes a new instance of the ActionResult class. The ExecuteRes...

Result Type: ASP.NET MVC | Partial Views in MVC, ASP.NET MVC | Action Result in MVC & More

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