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Class Types

Class Types : What is a Sealed Class and Sealed Members in C#?

Class Types : Sealed classes are the reverse of abstract classesIt is not possible to utilise a sealed class as a base class. It cannot therefore also be an abstract class.When to use Sealed ClassThis, is used to stop a developer to extend a class or override a method accidentally. Use Sealed modifier is used to ...

Class Types

Class Types : Explain Abstraction, Abstract Class & Abstract Members

Class Types : Abstraction is similar to data encapsulation in OOP. It means showing only the essential information and hiding the other irrelevant information from the userAbstraction can be achieved with either abstract classes or interfacesAbstract ModifierThe Abstract modifier can be used with a class, method,...

Class Types: OOPs | Sealed Class and Members, OOPs | Abstraction, Abstract Class & More

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