Creating First ASP.NET MVC Application

Creating First ASP.NET MVC Application

Creating First ASP.NET MVC Application

Here we, we'll examine a straightforward ASP.NET MVC example in order to go over how to build your first ASP.NET MVC application from scratch using Visual Studio.

Creating the first ASP.NET MVC Application:
Open the Visual Studio and then click on the New Project link which appeared on the Startup page.
An alternative approach to creating an application is to select the File => New =>Project option as shown in the below image.

Select Project Type
Here, select type of project as a web project and provide name of the project.
From the New Project dialog window, from the left pane select the Web option under the Visual C# which is under the “Installed – Templates” section. From the middle pane select ASP.NET Web Application. Name your project as FirstMVCApplication (you can give any name to your application). Change the location where you want to create the application by clicking on the Browse button. Finally, click on the OK button as shown in the image below.

Select MVC template
Select the web template that we want to implement. Since we are working on MVC then select MVC template from the list of available template. At the same time, provide the authentication type to the application.

After clicking ok, it creates a new MVC project.

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