Sql Server

Explain SQL Server Architecture

Explain SQL Server Architecture

SQL Server Architecture

SQL Server consists of two main components:

Database Engine

The Database Engine is the main part of the SQL Server. The database engine is made up of a relational engine for handling queries and a storage engine for keeping track of database files, pages, indexes, etc. The Database Engine also creates and runs database objects including stored procedures, views, and triggers.

A. The Relational Engine
    The Relational Engine contains the components that determine the best way to execute a query. The relational engine is also known as the query processor.
    Based on the input query, the relational engine asks the storage engine for data and then processes the results.
    The relational engine performs a number of activities, including distributed query processing, thread and task management, memory management, and buffer management.

B. Storage Engine
     Data storage and retrieval from storage systems like discs and SAN are handled by the storage engine.

The SQL Server Operating System, often known as SQLOS, sits underneath the relational engine and storage engine.
Numerous operating system services, including memory and I/O management, are offered by SQLOS. Exception management and synchronisation services are some more services.

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