React JS

Understand The React Project Structure

Understand The React Project Structure

React Project Structure

A /public and /src directory can be found in the project structure, in addition to the standard node_modules,.gitignore,, and package.json files.


index.html is the page template, which is very similar to the static index.html
Only files inside public can be used from public/index.html

The /src directory will contain all our React code.
src/index.js is the JavaScript entry point.
Only the files in the src directory are handled by webpack to speed up rebuilds.
Any JS or CSS files, must place them inside the src folder for webpack to recognise them.

/ Top Level Directories
You can add extra top-level directories, out side public and src.
You can use them for stuff like documentation because they won't be in the production build.

when we use Git Version Control, .git folder automatically created on running git init command.

node_modules is a folder that includes all of the dependency-related code that Create React App has installed.
You will never need to go into this folder.


.gitignore is a file that is used to exclude files and folders from being tracked by Git.
For example, we don't want to include large folders such as the node_modules folder is a markdown file that includes a lot of helpful tips and links that can help you while learning to use Create React App.

Manages our app dependencies and what is included in our node_modules folder for our project, plus the scripts we need to run our app.

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