ASP.NET MVC Version History

ASP.NET MVC Version History

MVC Version History

ASP.NET MVC Version History
In.NET 3.5, Microsoft first introduced ASP.NET MVC, and a tonne of new capabilities have been added since then.
In April 2009, Microsoft made the ASP.NET MVC framework open-source. The Microsoft Public Licence (MS-PL), which governs source code releases, was used. The AspNetWebStack source code is available in a github repository, where you may also download it or contribute to it.

MVC VersionVisual Studio.NET FrameworkReleased DateFeatures
ASP.NET MVC 1.0VS2008.Net 3.513-Mar-2009
  • MVC architecture with webform engine
  • Routing
  • HTML Helpers
  • Ajax Helpers
  • Auto binding
ASP.NET MVC 2.0VS 2008,.Net 3.5/4.010-Mar-2010
  • Area
  • Asynchronous controller
  • Html helper methods with lambda expression
  • DataAnnotations attributes
  • Client side validation
  • Custom template
  • Scaffolding
ASP.NET MVC 3.0VS 2010.Net 4.013-Jan-2011
  • Unobtrusive javascript validation
  • Razor view engine
  • Global filters
  • Remote validation
  • Dependency resolver for IoC
  • ViewBag
ASP.NET MVC 4.0VS 2010 SP1,
VS 2012
.NET 4.0/4.515-Aug-2012
  • Mobile project template
  • Bundling and minification
  • Support for Windows Azure SDK
ASP.NET MVC 5.0VS 2013.NET 4.517-oct-2013
  • Authentication filters
  • Bootstrap support
  • New scaffolding items
  • ASP.Net Identity
ASP.NET MVC 5.2VS 2013.NET 4.528-Aug-2014
  • Attribute based routing
  • bug fixes and minor features update
ASP.NET MVC 5.2.9 - Current
VS 2022.NET 4.5June-2022

ASP.NET MVC framework can be installed as NuGet package. Visit to know details of each version.

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