ASP.NET Core Environment Setup

ASP.NET Core Environment Setup

Core Environment Setup

Tools and Software Required for the Development of .NET 6 Applications.

Operating System:
Any modern operating system, such as Windows, macOS, or Linux, can be used for ASP.NET Core development.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE):
You can choose from various IDEs for ASP.NET Core development, including:
Visual Studio: Visual Studio is a powerful and feature-rich IDE developed by Microsoft. It provides extensive tooling, debugging capabilities, and a rich development experience for ASP.NET Core development. Visual Studio is available for Windows and macOS.
Visual Studio Code: Visual Studio Code is a lightweight, cross-platform code editor supporting ASP.NET Core development. It offers excellent extension support, integrated terminal, and source control integration. Visual Studio Code is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
.Net Core CLI: Using .NET Core CLI (Command Line Interface) tool, we can also create, build, run, and publish ASP.NET Core applications.

This is the software development KIT, and this KIT is helpful for the development and running of the application in the system.
The .NET SDK (Software Development Kit) is required to build and run ASP.NET Core applications. It includes the .NET runtime, libraries, and command-line tools.
You can download and install the .NET SDK from the official .NET website.

ASP.NET Core is the framework for building web applications, including Web APIs, with .NET Core. It is included in the .NET SDK and can be installed using the command line or through the Visual Studio installer.

Package Manager:
You can choose between two popular package managers for .NET Core development:
NuGet: NuGet is the official package manager for .NET and is integrated into Visual Studio. It allows you to manage and install packages, libraries, and dependencies in your ASP.NET Core project.
npm: If you are using front-end technologies such as Angular or React in your ASP.NET Core project, you may need to use npm (Node Package Manager) to manage JavaScript packages and dependencies.

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