What is VB.Net?

What is VB.Net?

What is VB.Net?

Microsoft created the computer programming language known as VB.NET, or Visual Basic.NET. To replace Visual Basic 6, it was originally made available in 2002. An object-oriented programming language is VB.NET.
VB.NET  supports the features of object-oriented programming which include encapsulation, polymorphism, abstraction, and inheritance.

VB.NET Features
VB.NET is not case sensitive like other languages such as C++ and Java.
It is an object-oriented programming language. It treats everything as an object.
Automatic code formatting, XML designer, improved object browser etc.
Garbage collection is automated.
Simple multithreading, allowing your apps to deal with multiple tasks simultaneously.

VB.Net Supports

Boolean Conditions
Automatic Garbage Collection
Standard Library
Assembly Versioning
Properties and Events
Delegates and Events Management
Easy-to-use Generics
Conditional Compilation
Simple Multithreading

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) For VB.Net

Microsoft provides the following development tools for VB.Net programming −
Visual Studio (VS)
Visual Basic Express (VBE)
Visual Web Developer

Advantages of VB.NET

Your code will be formatted automatically.
You will use object-oriented constructs to create an enterprise-class code.
You can create web applications with modern features like performance counters, event logs, and file system.
You can create your web forms with much ease through the visual forms designer. You will also enjoy drag and drop capability to replace any elements that you may need.
You can connect your applications to other applications created in languages that run on the .NET framework.
You will enjoy features like docking, automatic control anchoring, and in-place menu editor all good for developing web applications.

Difference Between VB. NET and Visual Basic

VB .NETVisual Basic
Network Enables Technology. It is also developed by Microsoft, and this language was based on the .Net Framework. Furthermore, it is specially designed for VB developers.It is a programming language developed by Microsoft for the fastest development of a window-based operating system as well as applications.
It is a modern, fully object-oriented language that replaced VB6.VB is the predecessor of VB.NET and was not an object-oriented language. So, it is not actively maintained.
Uses the Common Language Runtime (CLR) component of .Net Framework at runtime. It has better features and design implementation as compared to VB-Runtime.Visual Basic uses the VB-Runtime environment.
It is a compiled languageIt is an Interpreter based language
It does not support backward compatibility.It supports backward compatibility.
It is a type-safe language.It is not a type-safe language.
In VB.NET, data is handled using the ADO.net protocol.Data Connectivity and handling are done through DAO, RDO, and ADO (ActiveX Data Object) protocol,
Object does not support default property.The Object support default property of virtual basic.
In the VB.Net parameter are passed by a default value.In VB, most of the parameters are passed by reference.
A Multithreaded application can be developed in VB.NET.It does not support the multithread concept.

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